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Our testimonials are very important to us; and we appreciate the positive feedback from our clients.

Vuteq USA Inc

Hino Motors Manufacturing USA

Hino motor products

Toyotetsu Canada Inc (TTCA)

Toyota Boshoku Canada Inc




Vuteq USA Inc
Since 1991, SRG has built a solid partnership with Vuteq by consistently providing exemplary support in the areas of pre-screening, assessment and customer service. Their professionalism, attentiveness and ability to provide skilled and committed team members for our contingent staffing requirements is what keeps us coming back. We look forward to a continued partnership with SRG that will prosper and grow into the future.

Chris Spence
General Manager
Vuteq USA Inc

Hino Motors Manufacturing USA
In July 2007, Hino Motors Manufacturing, USA Inc contracted with SRG to prescreen and test candidates for 58 production positions at our new Williamstown, WV facility. We gave the SRG team an almost impossible challenge, in that it was our expectation that SRG would interview, test candidates, participate in final interviews and fill all of the positions by August 20, 2007.

SRG team rose to the challenge by working long hours and on weekends. They were professional in all aspects of the recruitment and screening process. I believe that I can speak for all of the Hino Management team in saying that it was a pleasure to work with them. I would recommend SRG for your recruitment or staffing needs.

Laura Sorek
Manager, Administration, Human Resources
Hino Motors Manufacturing USA Inc

Hino Motor Products
Before the released announcement of Hino Motors coming to Woodstock, SRG confidentially became our supplier of people to ensure that team members were in place for our start of production. In combination with their extensive selection and assessment, and final joint interview, their process proved to be beneficial to recruit the team members of Hino. SRG has become a valuable, ongoing supplier to aid in the success of our company. I would recommend the professionalism and time sensitive actions of SRG to become the extension of any HR department.

(the late) Joe Beamson
Vice President & General Manager of Manufacturing
Hino Motor Products

Toyotetsu Canada Inc (TTCA)
From my first experience being recruited by SRG Search, being interviewed, offered employment and then working very closely in recruiting many more employees for our Greenfield Operation, I found the company to be very professional and thorough. I worked very closely with our Human Resources Department in hiring all salary employees at Toyotetsu.

SRG Search’s in-depth interviewing skills identified the right person for the position. They followed up with the 'personal touch' with both the client and the company they represented.

They included an employee profile and the interview notes, which enabled the company to discern ahead of time if this candidate is worth looking at. The time spent by SRG Search, saved numerous hours of our time in sending just the 'cream of the crop'. We were very pleased with the candidates sent to us and we selected several of them.

The team at SRG Search would be a valuable asset in your recruiting needs with total client satisfaction as their goal. For any additional information feel free to contact myself.

Guy Stone
Assistant General Manager/Production
Toyotetsu Canada Inc (TTCA)

Toyota Boshoku Canada Inc
In July 2006, Toyota Boshoku Canada Inc (TBCA) was established in Woodstock Ontario to supply TMMC #2 (Toyota) with sub-assembly parts for the Toyota Rav 4. Later in that year, we entered into an agreement with SRG, Woodstock branch to assist us in hiring our core group of Team Members that would be TBCA's start-up team. A new companies success is largely dependant on it's starting foundation, so it was very important to TBCA to focus on getting the 'right' Team Members to meet our goals and grow the organization.

TBCA representatives met with Sherri Stevens, President of SRG to outline TBCA's hiring strategy for start-up, as well as plans for future growth. As a team, we mapped out a course of action which included establishing timelines for recruiting and developing Team Member profiles.

I am very pleased to say that SRG has served TBCA well during this timeframe and continue to be an integral part of TBCA hiring practices. We find all of their representatives pleasant to deal with and quick to respond to TBCA's needs. SRG has certainly met our expectations and we hope to continue this successful partnership in the future. We highly recommend SRG as an outstanding supplier of quality people.

Kirk S MacKenzie
Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Toyota Boshoku Canada Inc

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